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The Team

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Simão Gomes Viana // @xdevs23

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

We don't really know what the f*ck he actually is

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Harsh Shandilya // @MSF-Jarvis

Lead developer & application developer at Substratum

Never too harsh

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Neil Agarwal // @regalstreak

Founder & once-in-a-while Lead Developer

He used to be active ...

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Kees Sonnema // @keessonnema

PHP-Programmer & Webdesigner

I will find you, then I will drink all your 🍺

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Stefan Ravzan Pruneanu // @TermoZour

Professional Derper

He keeps girls in a closet

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Paul Larsen // @PaulSonOfLars

Computer Science Student & creator of Marie, the emperor

Rarely sober

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Daniel Villalobos // @ponytojas

Made this awesome website. Works with AI

Drunk spaniard

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Christian // @lama1337

He used to test. Now he's just a Llama.

Did he manage to connect the phone to the car via Bluetooth?

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Marie // @BanhammerMarie_bot

Real brain behind halogenOS

Will ban your ass